I can Follow the Rules Song Lyrics, I Can Follow the Rule Song

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I Can Follow the Rules

Languages: English, French
Ressource Type: song, nursery rhyme
Theme: school
Age-range: infant-preschool, 4 – 8 years


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I Can Follow the Rules Song 


I Can Follow the Rules” is a nursery rhyme for kids about school. It’s great for teachers that are looking for a musical way to help learn and review classroom rules and procedures such as following directions, listening to the teacher, being nice to everyone…

English Lyrics:

I Can Follow the Rules

I can follow the rules,
And we’ll have a good day,
When we follow the rules!
I can listen to my teacher,
And I follow the rules.
I can follow the directions…
I keep my hands to myself…
I’m always nice to everybody…
It gives us more time to learn,
and more time play,
more time for fun stuff everyday.

French translation:

Je respecte les règles

Je respecte les règles,
Et nous passerons une bonne journée,
Quand nous respectons les règles !
J’écoute mon professeur,
Et je respecte les règles.
Je respecte les instructions…
Je garde mes mains pour moi…
Je suis toujours gentil avec tout le monde…
Cela nous donne plus de temps pour apprendre,
Et plus de temps pour jouer,
Plus de temps pour des choses amusantes tous les jours.


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