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Free Printable Clothes Flashcards PDF

Language: English
Ressource Type: Flashcards, picture cards
Theme: clothes, shoes, accessories
Age-range: infant-preschool, 4 – 8 years

Here is a set of 32 flashcards featuring words related to clothing in English. This collection of flashcards can be used to teach vocabulary related to clothing items in English. In the PDF file, you will find the following flashcards to learn the words related to different clothing items: cardigan, shirt, t-shirt, cap, scarf, hat, watch, earings, tie, bag, belt, sunglasses, gloves, socks, high heels, boots, sandals, sneakers, knickers, swimsuit, bra, pyjamas, underpants, tank top, dungarees, dress, jeans, skirt, shorts, trousers, trench coat, hoodie, anorak, sweater, jacket, coat.

Start by downloading the free printable flashcards on the theme of clothing in English. Then, print the sheets, cut them out, and use them to learn the different clothing words in English with children.


  • Learn and practice the names of different clothing items in English.
  • Learn to describe what you or someone else is wearing in English.
  • Develop vocabulary related to clothing and fashion.

Language functions:

  • What are you wearing today? I’m wearing a…
  • Can you describe your shirt/dress/pants/etc.?
  • What do you wear in the summer/winter/spring/fall?


  • Pronunciation of clothing items with emphasis on stress and intonation.
  • Pronunciation of “clothes” [kləʊðz]
  • Pronunciation of “shoes” [ʃuːz]
Clothes Flashcards for Kindergarten Accessories PDF
Clothing Flashcards with Pictures and Words

Activity ideas:

  • Pair work: Students work in pairs and take turns drawing a card and describing the clothing item on it to their partner. For example: “I’m wearing a shirt. It’s blue and has buttons.” Their partner then guesses which card they are describing.
  • Memory game: Shuffle the cards and place them face down on a table. Students take turns flipping over two cards at a time to try to find a match. If they do, they keep the cards and go again. If not, they flip the cards back over and the next student takes a turn.
  • Clothing fashion show: Have students take turns modeling different clothing items from the flashcards and describing what they are wearing in English. Encourage creativity and have fun with it!

Download the Flashcards:

Printable Clothes Flashcards

Clothes Flashcards for ESL Students
Clothing Flashcards Free Printable
Printable Clothing Picture Cards
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