Halloween Matching Game

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Language: English
Ressource Type: matching game
Theme: Halloween
Age-range: PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, Homeschool


This Halloween Matching Game helps children practice memorizing English vocabulary connected with the theme Halloween. It can be used for improving the learners’ speaking skills and to review English vocabulary or simply practice these words.

This printable Halloween matching game is best suited for elementary school students and kindergartners and nursery school students at Beginner (A1-A2) level.

There are thirty-six cards in this game. It has the following match cards: witch, witch hat, black cat, broomstick, spider, haunted house, skeleton, pumpkin, monster, sweets, cauldron, ghost, the Devil, costumes, owl, bat, spider’s web, cemetery, skull, scarecrow, zombie, trick and treat bag, coffin, wizard, vampire, the full moon, toad, wolf, mummy, tombstone, bone, Jack-o’-lantern, Frankenstein, candy corn, drop of blood, the reaper of souls.

How to play

  1. Divide the class into pairs.
  2. Explain and demonstrate that children should lay out two sets of vocabulary cards in random order face down on the desk.
  3. Child A turns over one of the cards and names what’s in the picture, eg Witch! or says a sentence, eg I’ve got the witch! They then turn over another card and repeat the procedure. If the two cards are the same, Child A keeps them. If they are not the same, Child A puts them back face down exactly where they were.
  4. Child B then has the next turn. The child with most cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Halloween Matching Pairs Game
Halloween Matching Pairs Game
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