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Classroom Objects Memory Game – Free Printable
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     Classroom Objects Memory Game is a memory matching game. It helps children practice memorizing English vocabulary connected with the theme School. It can be used for improving the learners’ speaking skills and to review English vocabulary or simply practice these words. This printable school supplies memory game is best suited for elementary school students and kindergartners and nursery school students at Beginner (A1-A2) level.

There are forty-eight cards in this game. It has the following match cards: teacher, pupil, ruler, scissors, eraser, pencil-case, school, schoolbag, glue, pencil-sharpener, book, pen, school bus, computer, colored-pencil, classroom, board, pencil, schoolyard, copy-book, crayons, blackboard, chalk sticks, clock, felt-tip pen, calculator, paintbrush, chair, whiteboard, waste paper bin, watercolor paint set, desk, bell, stapler, paper, sellotape, compas, file, highlignter, paper clips, protractor, globe, bookshelf, lunchbox, setsquare, folder, inkwell and bookcase.


Download – Free Printable :

Classroom Objects Memory Game – Images 
Classroom Objects Memory Game – Words 
Classroom Objects Memory Game – Images and Words 

Classroom Object Matching Game

Memory Game School Supplies, Classroom Objects Memory Game

School Supplies Matching Game, Classroom Objects Memory Game

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