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I'm a Little Snowman Short and Fat Lyrics, I’m a little snowman Short and fat

The Snowman

Languages: English, French
Ressource Type: song, nursery rhyme
Themes: winter, adjectives
Age-range: infant-preschool, 3 – 8 years


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The Snowman Lyrics


The Snowman” is a winter song that ends with the snowman melting. This rhyme is perfect to sing while you are making your own snowman.

English Lyrics:

The Snowman

I am a little snowman
Short and fat (Stand with arms in circle above stomach)
Here’s my broomstick (Make the broomstick with hands)
Here’s my hat (Hands above head)
When the sun comes out (Make sun with hands in circle above head)
I melt away (Bend slowly down to floor)
Down, down, down, down
Oops, I’m a puddle!



I’m a little snowman
Short and fat
Here are my buttons
Here is my hat
When the sun comes out
I cannot stay
Slowly I just melt away!

French translation:

Le bonhomme de neige

Je suis un petit bonhomme de neige
Petit et gros (Bras en cercle au-dessus de l’estomac)
Voici mon balai (Faire le balai avec les mains)
Voici mon chapeau (Bras au-dessus de la tête)
Quand le soleil sort (Faire le soleil avec les mains en cercle au-dessus de la tête)
Je fond (Descendre lentement vers le sol)
Bas, bas, bas, bas
Oups, je suis une flaque d’eau !



Je suis un petit bonhomme de neige
Petit et gros
Voici mes boutons
Voici mon chapeau
Quand le soleil sort
Je ne peux pas rester
Lentement je fond !


Culture and Vocabulary:

  • clothing: hat, buttons.
  • weather : the sun.


  • present simple of the verb “to be”: I’m, here is, here are.
  • adjectives: short and fat.

The Snowman from the album Sing a Song of Seasons by Mary Thienes Schunemann


Videos of the song “The Snowman” in English:

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