On the Mississippi Song Lyrics

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On the Mississippi

Languages: English, French
Ressource Type: song, nursery rhyme
Theme: The United States
Age-range: infant-preschool, 4 – 8 years


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On the Mississippi Lyrics


On the Mississippi” is a song for young children about the Mississippi river extracted from the book “J’apprends l’anglais par les chansons”. The Mississippi river is the second-longest river.

English Lyrics:

On the Mississippi

I sail on the Mississippi.
I’m the best sailor
Of the Mississippi river.

French translation:

Sur le Mississippi

Chaque jour
Je navigue sur le Mississippi.
Je suis le meilleur navigateur
Du fleuve Mississippi.


Culture and Vocabulary:

  • The Mississippi river.


  • To say your profession or occupation in English you use TO BE. It is important to put the article “a” or “an” (“an” comes before a vowel sound) before the profession when we are talking about one person (“I’m a sailor”).


  • Pronunciation of “sail” /ˈseɪl/.
  • Pronunciation of “sailor” /ˈseɪlə(r)/.
  • Pronunciation of “the Mississippi river” /ðə ˌmɪsɪsɪpi ˈrɪvə(r)/.

Teaching suggestions:


I Learn English with Songs 6-8 years old

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