Lyrics of the nursery rhyme "London's Burning"

London’s Burning – Song with Lyrics
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London’s Burning

Vocabulary : London, to burn, to fetch, to pour, the engines, fire, water

Grammar :

  • to BE + V ing (London’s burning)

Pronunciation :

  • how to pronounce water in English

The lyrics of the nursery rhyme “London’s Burning” are said to be about Great Fire of London, a five-day fire in the city in 1666. It destroyed about 80% of London and left 100,000 residents homeless. The lyrics of the variant “Scotland’s Burning” refers to the Burning of Edinburgh ordered by Henry VIII of England in 1544. The lyrics of this nursery rhyme are mentioned in William Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming of the Shrew. The song can be sung as a round.


  London’s Burning Lyrics


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London’s Burning

London’s burning, London’s burning,
Fetch the engines, Fetch the engines,
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!
Pour on water, Pour on Water.


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