House Song Peter Weatherall Nursery Rhyme

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House Song

Languages: English, French
Ressource Type: song, nursery rhyme
Author: Peter Weatherall
Themes: house, building materials
Age-range: infant-preschool, 4 – 8 years


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House Song by Peter Weatherall Lyrics


House Song” is a  fun nursery rhyme written by Peter Weatherall. The purpose of this song is to teach children to identify the elements of the house and building materials. Also in this song, we introduce adjectives such as big, small, short and tall.


English Lyrics:

House Song

Does your house have a roof?
Does your house have walls?
Does your house have windows?
Does it have a door?

Here’s the roof and the walls
Here are the windows and here’s the door

Is your house very big?
Is your house very small?
Is your house very short?
Or is it very tall?

This is big, this is small
This is short and this is tall

Is your house made of concrete?
Is your house made of bricks?
Is your house made of wood?
Or is it made of sticks?

This is concrete, these are bricks
This is wood, and these are sticks

Peter Weatherall

French translation:

La chanson de la maison

Votre maison a-t-elle un toit ?
Votre maison a-t-elle des murs ?
Votre maison a-t-elle des fenêtres ?
Y a-t-il une porte ?

Voici le toit et les murs
Voici les fenêtres et voici la porte

Votre maison est-elle très grosse ?
Votre maison est-elle très petite ?
Votre maison est-elle très courte ?
Ou est-ce très grand ?

C’est gros, c’est petit
C’est court et c’est grand

Votre maison est-elle en béton ?
Votre maison est-elle en briques ?
Votre maison est-elle en bois ?
Ou est-ce fait en bouts de bois ?

C’est du béton, ce sont des briques
C’est du bois, et ce sont des bouts de bois

Peter Weatherall


Culture and Vocabulary:

  • Elements of the house: roof, walls, windows, door.
  • Building materials: concrete, bricks, wood, sticks.
  • Adjectives: big, small, short, tall.


  • Here is/Here are
  • This is/These are
  • Does your house have…?
  • Is your house very…?
  • Is your house made of…?
  • Personal pronoun “it”: “Does it have a door?”, “Or is it very tall?”, “Or is it made of sticks?”.


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  • Pronunciation of the elements of the house: roof /ruːf/, walls /wɔːlz/, windows /ˈwɪndəʊz/, door /dɔː/.
  • /h/ of house.
  • Interrogative intonation .

Teaching suggestions:


Videos of the Song “House Song” in English:

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