house bingo

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Languages: English
Ressource Type: bingo
Theme: rooms of the house
Age-range: infant-preschool, 4 – 8 years

We have created a fun bingo game to help kids to reinforce new vocabulary, spelling and memorizing. This printable bingo game with flashcards is fun and educational to revise furniture and the five main rooms of the house : living room, office room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

There are 30 bingo cards here for our house and furniture bingo game – perfect for a large class or group.


Free Download :

 Bingo House and Furniture



House Bingo : in the living room

House Bingo : in the kitchen

House Bingo : in the office room

House Bingo : in the bedroom

House Bingo : in the bathroom

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  1. Hello. I need the rules for this game. Every “Bingo”-games I have known was 3*3. How can I play this game in class? Plz help me
    I need a description for this game as detailed as possible.

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